December 2021

Cities are reportedly canceling their New Year’s Eve events

For a while we were assuming we can celebrate New Year’s Eve without any restrictions. But another rapid spread of the new the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus have dashed our hopes — at least in some parts of the world. people stepping out of their homes should avoid large New Year’s Eve gatherings and stick with small gatherings of vaccinated family or close friends.

As per reports, the New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square will be “scaled back,” with everyone required to wear a mask. But some major cities in Europe, where the spread of Omicron has been startling, have already announced they’re flat-out cancelling plans.

Other cities around the world with traditionally iconic celebrations still plan to host their events but with safety precautions in place.


No fireworks show over the Acropolis this year. Health Minister Thanos Plevris said during a news briefing on Thursday, December 23, that all public Christmas and New Year celebrations planned by municipalities are cancelled.

Georgia’s capital city is cancelling the New Year’s Eve Peach Drop at Underground Atlanta because of the rising number of Covid-19 cases, according to a tweet from Underground Atlanta.


Germany is imposing strict contact restrictions to curb the spread of Covid starting on December 28 and prohibiting New Year’s Eve gatherings, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced on Tuesday, December 21.


Public New Year’s Eve celebrations in Scotland will be cancelled, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Tuesday, December 21.


A planned New Year’s Eve event in London has been cancelled over Covid concerns, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan tweeted on Monday, December 20.


The government of India’s union territory of Delhi, which encompasses the national capital of New Delhi, has announced a ban on all social, cultural, political and festival gatherings until further notice because of a rise in Covid-19 cases, CNN’s New Delhi Bureau reports.


Paris has cancelled its traditional fireworks display over the Champs-Elysées Avenue to welcome the New Year because of the renewed coronavirus surge.


In Italy, Rome is among several cities that have decided to cancel festivities over Covid health concerns.

Even though it’s not the same as watching fireworks and big shows in person, but you can catch all the action from the comfort — and safety — of a crowd-controlled home. Stay Safe!

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NASA hired 24 theologians

NASA is hiring 24 theologians as a part of its efforts to determine how different religions around the world would react to contact with aliens. It sounds like the plot of a bad sci-fi movie, but NASA really is recruiting a priest to help prepare for humanity’s contact with aliens. It seems The reason NASA is hiring the experts now is because of advances in humanity’s efforts to find life in the great unknown.

So basically, who are Theologians and what they do?

A theologian may refer to someone who is specialized in the study of god and various religious beliefs and delve into the subject of religion and rational questions relating to god. They are educated and well versed in the various concepts, ideas, notions and the approaches to god and religious beliefs.

University of Cambridge religious scholar Rev. Dr. Andrew Davison (doctorate in biochemistry from Oxford) is one of the 24 theologians enlisted to help with the project. Davison informs, his research so far has already seen “just how frequently theology-and-astrobiology has been topic in popular writing” during the previous 150 years. In Davison’s book, Astrobiology and Christian Doctrine, he asks questions about whether God could have created life elsewhere in the universe. Or, could he have sent a saviour to die for the sins of alien species?

Humans are seeing more UFOs every year. Studies have shown links between religiosity and belief in extra-terrestrials intelligence. Research Published in 2017 found that people with a strong desire to find meaning, but a low adherence to a particular religion, are more likely to believe aliens exist. According to reports, Dr.Davison’s book notes that a “large number of people would turn to their religious traditions for guidance” if extra-terrestrials were actually found for the sake of very existence of humanity.

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Check these weird products on Amazon

Amazon definitely makes online ordering easier, but once you scroll past the necessities, the inventory takes a turn for the bizarre. Amazon is the first choice for online shopping for most of us. Isn’t it? But our favorite online retailer doesn’t just carry normal and useful products. It also showcases utterly unique and little bit bizarre products as well. You’ll not believe, people actually buy these products. Scroll through this post for a laugh !!

Mini hand squirrel, Why not? These vinyl squirrel finger covers are the latest version of the sock puppets we all grew up playing with. Fit them on your fingertips, creating the illusion that your palm is the squirrel’s body.

Fake News Button Sometimes you just need to call people out. In those instances, a fake news button will get the job done. This bright red button will not only make any passerby do a double-take; it will also loudly announce the presence of fake news when it’s pressed. If only it worked over Facebook.

SubSafe Sub Sandwich Container, This Reusable Sandwich Container Keeps Your Sub Safe. Keep your oval-shaped sandwiches as fresh as possible with this plastic container that’s available in a variety of colors.

Instant underpants, What the fish? Need an extra pair of briefs? Got a bottle of water? If so, problem solved! Just add water & grow yourself a brand new pair of underpants

Donald Trump Chia Pet, Let’s not get political here. But having a ceramic plant vase in the shape of the former president’s head is definitely on the weird side. And we hate to admit it, but it’s also pretty entertaining.

Garden gloves with claws, Planning to do some digging in your garden? Apparently, these gloves are really handy in the garden when you need to do a little digging.  But be prepared for weird looks you’re your neighbors.

Over the hill exerciser, Give your over the hill friend a good laugh with this fun novelty exerciser. Keep the love muscle in shape with this novelty Over the Hill Exerciser. This exercise gear is, ahem, a bit different.

Bacon-scented soap, It’s a sunny Sunday morning and you wake to the sweet smell of bacon wafting from the. bathroom?  This bacon-scented version is made for pure laughs. Use this during your next hand wash to take the scent of freshly cooked bacon with you anywhere you go.

Pet urine detector UV light, This might be useful for pet owners. What do you think? he black-light flashlight reveals stains on absorbent surfaces by emitting long-wave UV light that causes dried urine salts to shine bright.

Live insects and worms, Is it me or it’s really creepy!! Didn’t know that creepy-crawlies travelled by USPS? Now you do! You can also pick up ants, worms, and ladybugs on Amazon.

Yodeling Pickle, Do you know someone who is a pickle addict? Apparently, this plastic pickle “yodels its little heart out at the push of a button. Great gift for the person who has everything except a yodeling pickle.

Girlfriend body pillow, Greatest Gag Gift for Men. Do you have a bachelor party coming up and want a variation on the standard blow-up doll novelty gift? Looking for a funny secret Santa gift for one of your co-workers? If that’s not creepy enough, it has a trademarked “arm” to snuggle into on long, lonely nights.

Pooping Pooches White Elephant Gag Gift Calendar, Forget inspirational quotes or traditional landscape imagery calendars. This calendar offers 12 months of doggies pooping in various locales. We can’t imagine that anyone would actually want this.

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