Japanese consumers to get limited portions of McDonald’s french fries for another month

The announcement from McDonald’s follows a previous week-long restriction at the end of December. McDonald’s Holdings Company Japan said in a statement that from Sunday it would sell only S-sized fries for about a month “to make sure we have plenty of inventory and our customers can enjoy McDonald’s fries without interruption”. It had to take similar measures back in 2014, thanks to delays at US ports.

Japanese customers of McDonald’s will have to make do with small portions of fries for another month after further supply chain problems. The latest problems are blamed on the impact of flood damage on the port of Vancouver, a transit point for imported potatoes, and other disruptions since last year – and McDonald’s has warned that disruption in the distribution network is continuing.

Britain’s branch of McDonald’s has also experienced problems, which prompted it last summer to pull milkshake and bottled drinks from its menus.

Source : news.sky.com